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On letting things slide

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

We all let things slide from time to time and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing in fact, it can be a good thing. Every now and again when we let something slide, we realise that the thing wasn’t important to us anyway. So it can be a fortuitous way to sort what is genuinely important to us, from what is just a societal/familial/inherited norm.

The other good thing about letting things slide is that it can uncover hidden dynamics in your life. Who around you jumps in to pick up the slack? Who, if anyone, notices that the thing is sliding? Maybe the thing only ever mattered to you? Does it matter to anyone? Perhaps it means that the people around you do care, but not enough to take action? Or maybe they feel incapable - because you have always been the one to do that thing? It’s fascinating to notice what happens when something that was once ‘routine’ changes, stops or tails off. It can reveal cracks, or energy leaks in all kinds of places.

It’s also possible to let something slide that is actually important to us. People don’t ‘choose’ to do this. Why would they! Often, the important things slide due to external events or stressors (like too much work, accidents, ill health, parenthood, family issues) or internal circumstances (like low self esteem, trauma, personal challenges). Often when that happens we can unintentionally end up living out of alignment with our values and priorities. The quicker we notice this, and the more resources we have to make changes, the more likely it is that we *can* have actual fun getting refocused and back on track. Sometimes though, getting back on track can also be painful, hard work.

I invite you to ask yourself:
  • What have I let slide recently?

  • What is that costing me?

  • Or is it something that actually would be good for me to tighten up again?

  • Are there some things that are worth me considering letting slide right now?

  • What will letting them slide allow me?

  • What is the impact outside of me?

  • Do I want to stop, start or continue them after letting them slide for a while?

  • For how long will I let them side?

No right or wrong answer - just some food for thought.

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