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The people I work with are creative, sensitive, ambitious and driven. 


They gain clarity, direction, new tools and new perspectives for navigating the many complexities of life, work and relationships. 

eautiful hearts & super bright minds


I highly recommend working with Freya, I've been on this journey with her and each session with her has helped me tremendously. She will cut through all the BS and help you recalibrate and show you a way to live the life you deserve.

- SoKo, Musician, Actor, Advocate


Freya, my amazing coach, is insightful, direct and talented. She brings me clarity and focus and helps me declutter my brain so I can focus on the essential for happiness and success. 

- Vallery Lomas, Author, Presenter, Star Baker


Freya is fresh water and sun on the seeds of your potential. I've never felt more capable of reaching my wildest heights and sitting compassionately with life's inevitable lows. She is immensely generous not only with her gifts and knowledge but also with her beautiful spirit. 

- Mishel Prada, Actor, Writer, Producer & Social Activist 

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Freya is a fantastic coach and has been tremendously helpful in supporting me to develop a more focused and balanced approach to my entrepreneurial journey. The breadth of her experience is impressive and I can only recommend her as a highly professional, deeply empathic, and talented individual to work with!

- Marcel Gehrung, CEO & Co-founder at Cyted 


Working with Freya has given me the power and tools to harness my work experience, social capital, leadership and influence into the strongest, best version of myself. I'm proud to be her client. Her actionable steps and resources help me to focus on being an introspective, inspiring and transformative leader. Every session with her makes me feel excited about the future.

- Jamila Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, Bon appetit Magazine and Epicurious


Freya is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Her expert support, guidance and coaching were essential in my decision to take the leap and co-found Start Codon. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to step further into their power but are unsure how!

- Jason Mellad, CEO & Co-Founder Start Codon

Freya has and continues to be a remarkable deep impact coach, one that has certainly helped me see and navigate beyond the leadership journey. for those seeking, she is an asset and a gem!

Hey Freya, I just wanted to send you some love. 

I have lots of new work, a financial plan, I feel more positive and sunny and motivated and I wanted to thank you for the loveliness you’ve put into my life. The difference is MEGA. 

Have the best weekend and thank you again.

Freya has been a magnificent guiding light during a huge (and ongoing) period of change for me. I’ve experienced incredible moments of insight and clarity during our work together, which I honestly believe I would not have had without her intuitive magic and skill as a coach and all-round brilliant human. Freya is never afraid to speak honestly and challenge me, which is a testimony to her ability to build the strong foundation of trust which makes this possible. As a result, for the first time, I feel genuinely able to open myself up and be the artist I have always wanted to be. She’s given me the incredible insight, tools, support and confidence to do this. I am forever grateful and I mean EVERY word.

Freya is very skilled at what she does. I came to her with a huge amount of personal problems, bordering on a crisis, and she has helped me tremendously. She is really good at understanding people and providing good life advice, and she is also very warm and compassionate. I always feel better after speaking with her and leave with some good ideas to think about and work on.

I've been working with Freya for the better part of a year and she's both helped me through immediate crises and long-range planning for where I want to be three to five years from now. Both are important, but distinct. BUT: Freya helped me to see how the immediate, reactive stuff can help me continue to shape an ideal future. And that has made all the difference.


Freya starts with empathy, but doesn't coddle or ego stroke. She knows her shit, but doesn't intellectualize. Every conversation with Freya feels like time spent with a human being who recognizes just how hard it can be for creatives to navigate, and thrive, in traditional business constructs. She's figured out how to bridge that gap for me, and many amazing women I know.


She'll change your life. I know. She changed mine.

Freya has been a total life-changer for me, giving me perspective, grace and compassion and helping me understand myself and others more deeply. I have recommended her to at least six friends. I feel like so many people who have career transitions - which was my issue - could use the kind of thoughtful, spiritually inflected but firm coaching Freya offers.

What a privilege to have Freya join us for IWD. Her insights and wisdom were so uplifting and have given us plenty of food-for-thought on how to maintain healthy boundaries and conserve time and energy towards our priorities. I received lots of messages from people saying how much they got out of the session and what a wonderful way with words she has. Highly recommend heading over to her social accounts to soak up some of her wisdom

Freya has given me a transformative perspective on work, life and leadership and has also saved me from myself recently in a work/life-related emergency situation

Freya helped and supported me to understand my leadership style and what I can do better to lead while still stay true to my values - amongst a myriad other things! In short, Freya has transformed my work and life.

When I came to you I was looking to work on my insecurities. My lack of self esteem, of self worth, of belonging, and my general lack of happiness and motivation. I had not ever really been able to describe myself as happy or feeling part of a group of friends or close to people. I often felt apart; separate from the people I was with and like I was understanding our interactions on a different level. I often felt disconnected and remote, even in company.

Now I am more confident around people, more confident in myself and I really value myself. It became clear that I was spending time with who really were not my people, and doing things that I did not want to do. I cut those ties and I'm now in a happy, healthy, committed relationship. I have mental space and clarity and I am living in a different way. A way that really suits who I actually am. This is the happiest I have ever been in my life. My world has changed. Thank you.

You've made a huge difference to my outlook and overall happiness. Your insightful questions and subsequent encouragement has helped me look at my past, present and future in a way I otherwise could never have done, I now feel so positive and empowered. 

This is the happiest I have ever been in my life. My world has changed. 

Thank you.

Our work continues to transform my life and bring me real happiness as a result. 

It's been an amazing journey to get here and right now I feel a sense of completeness that I may never have known had we not worked together.

Freya has been instrumental in providing me with a sounding board for strategic decision making and her calm and objective approach, along with her significant experience has enabled me to successfully work through important decisions and plans

Freya is one of those rare people in life - a creative yet safe pair of hands, a great strategic thinker, and a brilliant investment.

Magical, practical, therapeutic.

It’s given me a new understanding of myself and how I relate to the world, compassion for myself and clarity which is enabling me to make stronger decisions - and to know when to hold off on making decisions! I feel more in alignment with my own gut instinct than ever before.


Immensely helpful, useful and powerful. You have got a big talent!

It was like coming home to myself.. getting closer to the very core of my being, who I am in this world, my purpose, what I need and want to progress. Really eye opening and somehow very comforting.

Freya has a non-textbook approach where she's not going to say what you want or expect, but thinks beyond and to the side and from new angles.

Freya's style is incisive, individualistic and affirming.

Only the other day I realized that I was far happier than I had been in years – I completely credit Freya with unlocking the potential within me to achieve this.

Insightful, intelligent, intuitive and inspirational.

Investing in coaching with Freya is the best thing I've ever done for myself. The ripple effects on my life are far-reaching - my relationships, my work, my health. I've never had such clarity about who I am, what's important to me, what I want and what I need to do to get there. Thank you Freya - you have a gift and you've given it to me!

Very approachable, honest and practical. Freya was quickly able to understand my sticking points, translating this into clear focus points. She is compassionate to sensitive matters and explains things in a very clear, workable way, providing useful resources and ways of dealing with things. She is efficient and no nonsense. I would not hesitate to recommend her!

Booking some sessions with Freya was a revelation. After visiting  various other professionals, Freya quickly cut to the chase and gave  practical advice resulting in tangible results to my everyday living. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to address the balance in their life or wanting help finding clear directions and goals.

Freya has a straightforward, calm and trustworthy air about her. She’s a natural. I now feel at peace. I realise there are practical steps I can take to let past hurts go. I feel lighter, my relationships have improved and I feel as if I’m living as myself, instead of how I believe people want me to be.

I was blown away. After my first session I felt an incredible lightness, I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day and actually laughed out loud for 5 minutes! Be prepared to work though, this is not fluffy counseling. Freya will challenge and question you but always with your best interests at heart, and with kindness and trust. I can not recommend her enough.


Freya is brilliant, clear, straightforward and a pleasure to work with


Freya is extremely insightful, constructive, non-nonsense and personable. She gave me a valuable perspective and host of resources to progress both my personal and business life.

When I first spoke to Freya I was demotivated and very lost despite having what most would consider a pretty good life. Within half an hour Freya had drilled down to what my core problem was with such precision it was astonishing and the relief of finally realising this and then using the tools she gave me to move forward was life changing.

Freya is the kind of person that you feel compelled to keep in your life, like a good doctor or solicitor.

Bright, perceptive, decisive and amusing.

Just wanted to reiterate how great and truly life changing your presence is. Your dedication and attentiveness to your work shows in the incredible value and results I’ve gained – thank you

My world has turned around and everything in my life is back on track, and speeding forwards. I can’t thank Freya enough and I would absolutely recommend her coaching to anyone!

Freya has the ability to clearly see the root of the issue, and view things from a completely different perspective. Her positive energy combined with her incredible sense of humour has helped me remove blocks and allowed me to move forward. I always come away feeling empowered with renewed clarity and focus. Her ability to guide me during some very challenging times has been amazing. Since working with Freya I have seen a positive shift in my energy. I am incredibly grateful! It is very easy for me to recommend her coaching to anyone

Freya’s coaching has been invaluable to me and she has been a great support, especially during particularly stressful times.

Working with Freya has changed my life. From the first session it was clear how powerful her techniques are, her coaching uncovers behaviours and causes that you may not even know about, and she sees things from an entirely different perspective. Freya has an ability to get to the root of an issue in a way that you will not believe and I cannot recommend her highly enough. (I could go on for hours writing this review!). Absolutely life changing and hugely powerful.

You have made a huge difference to my outlook and overall happiness. Your insightful questions and subsequent encouragement has helped me look at my past, present and future in a way I otherwise could never have done, I now feel so positive and empowered.

A wise and creative force of nature and an instinctive coach. She is a brilliant listener, able to quickly get to the heart of the challenge and help drive towards a practical solution. She is great fun to work with and someone you feel is absolutely batting for your team.

Freya has a genuine talent for what she does – I can’t recommend her highly enough and I would encourage anyone wanting to change something to call her.

Not only is Freya a wonderful all-round person, she is an absolutely fantastic, progressive coach who is able to quickly identify problem areas in your life or business and provide easy-to-implement and actionable solutions to help give you more energy and flow. Highly recommended!

Freya is an absolutely incredible Coach. She immediately got to the core of major challenges and helped me to identify blocks and beliefs that obstructed my capacity to make decisions and take action.  She signposts to clear strategies on how to navigate life in a way that leaves you feeling authentic and empowered.  Living from the inside out, rather than spinning out because of what is going on around you!  I love the way Freya coaches.

Working with Freya has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

She helped guide me through transitioning my life and I am forever grateful to her.

Freya is real, a straight up, no BS kind of coach, which suits me perfectly.

Freya has this knack for getting straight to the point and focusing on targeted 'next actions' to move me on to where I next need to grow in all facets of my life. I deeply value her input and gladly recommend her wholeheartedly!

Thank you, as ever, for all your wonderful support, energy,  guidance, understanding, ideas , flexibility, outlook, and innovative coaching!

In just one session you provided the most clarity I've had in my adult life.

Our work continues to transform my life and bring me real happiness as a result.

You've given me such strength and power to make the right decisions for me, rather than what I think I should do or what others think I should do. Forever grateful. I feel more confident to be assertive and express my needs in the knowledge that people will respect me for it and if they don't, then that's their problem. Another outcome of our work together. I feel such relief and freedom and huge excitement about my future.

You are both a wonderful person and amazing at what you do. Such warmth and kindness, while also getting to the core, and challenging me to connect with my authentic self, be gentle, and practice what I preach. I've had a really good 2022, and I know a lot of it was a result of doing some work with you in 2021. Thank you!

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