Proven coaching to get you clear, confident and taking action, fast.

Years of working with people has shown me that 95% of the time people already have the answers, what’s holding them back is their mind.

I work with people daily who, like you, want to find out more about themselves, and change, create, improve or kick-start something that they haven’t yet been able to.

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It All Starts With YOU

Do any of these sound familiar to you?
You want to change things but you don’t know where to start (or you’ve already tried and it hasn’t worked)
You need more of what’s important to that clarity, time, headspace, confidence, positive energy, clarity, connection, direction, love…
You’re overwhelmed or procrastinating and you need someone to help you get clear, grounded and focused again

The relationship you have with yourself is key to developing strong and loving relationships with other people, and creating and enjoying a meaningful work/life purpose. This is why my coaching focuses on empowering you as the ultimate creator – rather than a victim – of your circumstances.

I provide the objective, judgement-free space you need to explore your thoughts and navigate life’s challenges. From this experience of being deeply heard and supported, emerge new perspectives, lightbulb moments, clarity, direction, solid goals and strategies. 

Are you ready to love yourself better and live a larger life?

Why Not Of This Life

“Freya has a straightforward, calm and trustworthy air about her. She’s a natural. I now feel at peace. I feel lighter, my relationships have improved and I feel as if I’m living as myself, instead of how I believe people want me to be.”
Brighton, UK

Be Unapologetic, Focus on YOU

What will your life look like if you continue on your current path, at your current speed, with your current resources? Does the future look good? Does it feel meaningful? Is it in technicolour? Does it sound FUN?

Working with a coach means making a powerful decision to commit to creating a different future for yourself. Plus the journey is so much faster and more enjoyable when it’s shared. You deserve everything in this life. Deep listening, joy, love, connection, being heard, being seen, growth, achievement, richness, clarity, time, money, respect, self-awareness, self-kindness, adoration, beauty, the lot!

With your expertise in yourself and my expertise in supporting hundreds of people, like you, through the journey of life, business and relationships, powerful and positive shifts are only one conversation away from becoming a reality.

Progressive coaching for open-minded, creative thinkers

“When I first spoke to Freya I was demotivated and very lost in my life, despite having what most would consider a pretty good life. Within half an hour Freya had drilled down to what my core problem was with such precision it was astonishing. Freya is the kind of person that you feel compelled to keep in your life.”
S, Uckfield

Maybe you’d like more…


  • Are things so complicated you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you know what you want?
  • Would you like to better handle certain people or situations?
  • Are you questioning why you haven’t made changes you want?


  • Are you trying to decide what to do next?
  • Are you the verge of leaving without a plan?
  • Do you feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole?
  • Do you work hard yet you don’t feel “successful”?


  • Do you feel frustrated or impatient for change?
  • Are you desperate for change but fearful of what might happen?
  • Do you find it difficult to prioritise or commit?
  • Are you ready to move but need a push or a co-pilot?

Whatever your situation

I have a simple and unique three step method, that works!

We explore where you are now and where you could be enjoying more using my signature Free Flow Frame (FFF)

Experience the Core Direction process and discover your own unique purpose and talent

We effect deep and transformational change by Working Together in a powerful coaching partnership

Complete Blur to

“Freya was capable of taking me from complete blur to crisp focus in just one morning. I left with deep insights and practical tools to work with.”
Martina Clarins
Creative Strategist

Hello, my name is Freya Blom, and I’m a Transformational Coach, Thinking Partner and Relationships Advisor.

I work specifically with creative and open-minded individuals, like yourself, supporting you to navigate now, and set a course for your best future.

Right now it might feel like it’s your relationships (with your partner, friends, family, colleagues, children) or your business or your career that is the root cause of your current situation. My Free Flow Frame (FFF) helps you reflect on what’s really going on, through better understanding your relationship with yourself which  is the true foundation of every connection and experience in your life.

My Free Flow Frame delivers more choice, freedom, success and joy by focusing on how to live a more balanced, present and fulfilling life.

The success of any coaching intervention depends on the relationship between coach and client.

I have very limited availability for 1-1 work and this means I only take on new clients who are really prepared (like me) to invest themselves in the process and the relationship – that means time, money, action, energy, and commitment. So, shall we find out if we would make an excellent team?

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Back on track and

“I came to Freya feeling like I was in a dead-end, not knowing how to move forwards. Within one coaching session, we had written out an achievable plan and I left full of positivity. Two months later my world has turned around and everything in my life is back on track, and speeding forwards. I can’t thank Freya enough and I would absolutely recommend her coaching to anyone!”
Rachel Love

Here’s what makes my coaching different

Working with me is different from anything you’re likely to have tried before.
Here’s why: I live my beliefs – everything I coach, I do.
  • I have a gift for "seeing" situations and the invisible connections within them, including people’s motivations and perspectives, something many of my clients have never experienced before - either with professionals or in their own interpersonal relationships. (I've been asked a number of times how I "knew" something before the client had even revealed a situation).
  • I am adept at switching between the logical (head) and the emotional (heart). This is immensely helpful because agility and confidence in this area keeps my client-coach relationships truly rich and multi-dimensional.
  • I’m not a casual coach - I’m professionally and highly trained, reflective and open to feedback. I’ve invested tens of thousands of pounds in my own coaching and training.
  • I understand how to create and enjoy loving intimate relationships myself - “I have devoted most of my professional studies to the field of relationships!
  • I’m great at loving people - Unconditional positive regard comes very easily to me. Holding my clients in high esteem, believing in them, seeing their magnificence and humanity is easy. My coaching truly comes from a genuine and deep love of people and being alive.

I feel like I have self-esteem

I feel a greater sense of security and a grounded calm in my core self, and generally I feel that I have much better self-esteem. Freya has a deep understanding of the human psyche and behavioural patterns. I found her to be very experienced and thorough. I have been trying to get to this point using lots of different kinds of therapy for years, and I would say overall, working with Freya on my issues has been more successful than anything else I have ever done!”
Jack C

How to live a more fulfilling life with the Free Flow Frame

My ‘Free flow Frame ’ (FFF) is an approach I come back to time and again in my coaching. I believe relationships connect all parts of life and using the FFF framework, we can explore the key areas of your life in a clear and meaningful way.

A revelation in

“Booking some sessions with Freya was a revelation. After visiting various other professionals, Freya quickly cut to the chase and gave practical advice resulting in tangible results to my everyday living. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to address the balance in their life or wanting help finding clear directions and goals.”

Chris C

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