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elax, you're in safe hands

Together we can tackle anything you bring.


Whatever is happening, or not happening.

Whatever you are feeling or not feeling.

Whatever you are doing or not doing. 

However urgent or stuck, overwhelming

or underwhelming, too fast or too slow

things seem. 

Whatever you think, know or are unsure of. 

My job is to create a completely safe,

constructive space, that works perfectly

just for you. 

"Working with Freya on my issues has been more successful than anything else I have ever done."


ot  "just another coach"

I can say with absolute certainty, that my work is unlike anything you will have experienced before.

Yes I have trained in multiple fields inside and outside of personal development, yes I have fantastic client testimony, yes I am qualified to supervise other coaches, but that's not the real reason. 


My work is, in fact, my art form. Entirely my own design. 


Just like my clients (celebrated directors, scriptwriters, actors, musicians, humanitarians, scientists, and CEO's) I have taken the time to learn the rules like a pro, so I can break them like an artist. 


People who experience my work, are touched well beyond an everyday uplift in their quality of life. They heal. They grow. They create and decide with greater ease. They reconnect with their life, redefine their boundaries, work smarter not harder. They take up their rightful space and bring great people with them. 

"...I don't use this word lightly - our work has been truly transformational..."


The quality of any working relationship is vital. If you recognise yourself in the qualities below, it is highly likely we are an excellent match.

  • You like having real, honest, insightful, direct conversations

  • You're not scared of being questioned or challenged

  • You’re proactive, hard working, ambitious and committed

  • You are emotionally intelligent and invest in your people and relationships

  • You are naturally reflective, enjoy learning and are open to new ideas

  • You recognise the immense value of having objective, supportive, fair and dedicated people in your corner


hat about you?

re you ready?


All you need to do is turn, able, willing and being supported, challenged, guided and held accountable. 

I will hold the space and bring my whole self to our time together, along with tried and tested tools, tailored guidance and fresh new perspectives.


Together we will identify and set you on the path to creating and receiving more of what you want and need. 

"If you want to improve your life deeply, this is a wonderful way."

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