Relationships and Communication at Work for Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays

Freya was our guest speaker at the Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays Project Delivery Community of Practice launch event. We were delighted to have Freya present to our project community on the importance of Relationships & Communication in the workplace. The response to her presentation was overwhelmingly positive – she was passionate, enthusiastic, had the audiences’ attention throughout, knew her subject matter and had tailored this specifically for Virgin. We look forward to working with Freya in the near future by having her coach smaller groups within our project community on the softer skills that are essential for great project delivery. Thank you Freya for making our launch event the success it was! 

Carolyn Bundey, Virgin Atlantic

Happier than I have been in years!

When I first went to see Freya my wife and I had been separated for a couple of months. My wives view was that it would take years to unpick the issues between us and that she wanted to move on. We had tried a couple of other therapists over the years with little success. I’m extremely pleased we met Freya. She is able to intuitively get to the route cause of issues and importantly provide advise on solutions and strategies to address the issues.

I’m pleased to say that my wife have reunited and are working constructively on rebuilding our relationship as a direct result of meeting Freya.

One of the most surprising elements of meeting Freya is how holistic the therapy is. This has led me to be far more enthusiastic at work, change my diet and exercise schedule, address issues with excess alcohol consumption and have a much better relationship with my wider family. Only the other day when doing something mundane (walking the dog on my own) I realized that I was far happier than I had been in years – I completely credit Freya with unlocking the potential within me to achieve this.The sessions represent great value for money and I would wholeheartedly recommend Freya to friends and family. 

D.Magrin, Brighton

A revelation in work-life balance, clear direction and goals

Booking some sessions with Freya was a revelation. After visiting  various other professionals, Freya quickly cut to the chase and gave  practical advice resulting in tangible results to my everyday living. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to address the balance in their life or wanting help finding clear directions and goals. 

Chris C, Brighton

I feel lighter, my relationships have improved, I feel as if I’m living as myself, instead of how I believe people want me to be.

When I found Freya I was really aware that I was dying to heal past relationships in order to move forward, to give up on the constant over-analysing. I knew I had to find someone to talk to, who could be impartial and focus on the real issues behind all the feelings, and not just give me sympathy.

I had read widely and attended lots of workshops, yet it wasn’t until my session with Freya that it started to shift for me in reality. Freya has a straightforward yet calm and trustworthy air about her. She’s a natural. I now feel at peace. I realise there are practical steps I can take to let past hurts go. I feel lighter, my relationships have improved and I feel as if I’m living as myself, instead of how I believe people want me to be. If you’re thinking of getting coaching, I recommend her 1000%. 

Jenny Hume, Brighton

Much better self-esteem, more successful than anything else I have ever done

I wanted to work on past experiences that had left me with emotional problems. I felt very anxious and unconfident with in my relationship and felt I might be abandoned at any turn. Now I feel a greater sense of security within my romantic relationship and a grounded calm in my core self, and generally I feel that I have much better self-esteem. Freya has a deep understanding of the human psyche & a behavioural patterns. I found her to be very experienced and through. I have been trying to get to this point using lots of different kinds of therapy for years, and I would say overall, working with Freya on my issues has been more successful than anything else I have ever done! 

Jack C, Brighton

Life changing work

Freya is an extremely insightful, constructive, personable individual who gave me a valuable perspective and host of resources to progress both my personal and business life. I wanted Tony Robbins but he was busy ( and expensive !) but with Freya I got the same no nonsense approach and without the froth.

When I first spoke to Freya I was demotivated and very lost in my life despite having what most would consider a pretty good life. Within half an hour Freya had drilled down to what my core problem was with such precision it was astonishing and the relief of finally realising this and then  using the tools she gave me to move forward was life changing. Freya is the kind of person that you feel compelled to keep in your life, like a good doctor or solicitor. 

S.Hickman, Uckfield

Clarity and Confidence

“When I booked in with Freya for some life coaching sessions, I was frustrated with the rut that I felt stuck in. It seemed the right time to find a way out, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I also needed the extra encouragement, confidence and even permission to get going. I wasn’t even really sure what I wanted to do, but knew I had to make changes for my own well being and also for my family, who have to live with the consequences of my frustration.

I liked Freya from her website, backed up by her warmth on the initial telephone conversation. In person she is bright, perceptive, decisive and amusing. The questions she asks steer the sessions so that there is a feeling of achievement at the end and a framework of things to work on after the session.

Freya’s clarity helped me to see (and have the confidence to see) that I wanted to try doing something creative. She takes an organised approach to getting started with new projects. This really help me believe that what I was going to do was worthwhile and therefore have the confidence to get on and do it.

I have been amazed by how far I’ve come after two sessions with Freya. I have signed up for painting courses, made a space at home that is a creative outlet and made time to focus on being in there as much as possible. I have much more of an attitude of just giving things a go. I am also limiting the time I spend doing the things that feel relentless. I am motivated to be more disciplined in being creative and make decisions quickly rather than over analysing. 

J.Milward, Hove

Incredible value and results

PT PortraitJust wanted to reiterate how great and truly life changing your presence was during our session. Your dedication and attentiveness to your work shows in the incredible value and results I’ve gained – thankyou

John Clutterbuck, Personal Training, London

Back on track and speeding forwards

rachel I came to Freya feeling like I was in a dead-end, not knowing how to move forwards. Within one coaching session, we had written out an achievable plan and I left full of positivity. Two months later my world has turned around and everything in my life is back on track, and speeding forwards. I can’t thank Freya enough and I would absolutely recommend her coaching to anyone!
Rachel Love, CEO (Bfit)

Removed blocks and gained a positive shift in energy

duniaFreya has the ability to clearly see the root of the issue, and view things from a completely different perspective. Her positive energy combined with her incredible sense of humour has helped me remove blocks and allowed me to move forward. I always come away feeling empowered with renewed clarity and focus. Her ability to guide me during some very challenging times has been amazing. Since working with Freya I have seen a positive shift in my energy. I am incredibly grateful! It is very easy for me to recommend her coaching to anyone.
Dunia Montes Nieto, Senior Program Manager, American Express

Made important decisions

phFreya’s coaching has been invaluable to me and she has been a great support at a particularly stressful time. Freya was able to quickly identify exactly where and how my energy should be directed, and provided the tools and understanding I needed to see how things could change. She has been instrumental in providing me with a sounding board for strategic decision making and her calm and objective approach, along with her significant experience, enabled me to work through important decisions and plans. With Freya as my coach I can now see things more objectively, and with my new levels of awareness I find I can now adjust my actions and modify my behaviours for increasingly positive results.
Paul Higgs, CEO, Millbank Group

I’m more productive, with a better work/life balance

IMG_20140711_195827Before I started working with Freya I was very disorganised and felt that my time was not used productively. Consequently I was not able to relax at home as I was always worried I should be doing something. I choose to do energy coaching because I wanted to structure my approach to day to day life so that I could achieve more and have a better work/life balance. I have had three sessions with Freya and it has made a massive difference. I am now able to relax without stressing out about future workloads and by breaking complex jobs into more manageable parts I can tackle them 1 part at a time rather than procrastinating about them. For people considering energy coaching I would go for it, Freya is very good at identifying what is needed to get you back on track and it can make a massive difference to how positive you feel about yourself which reflects in your relationships with those around you.
Henry French, Director, Mercer-French

My relationship turned around

I was hoping to solve some relationship problems I was having with my partner. Everyday I felt I was faced with problems that were out of my control and I was experiencing a sense of helplessness. I saw some of your ideas and work through Facebook and took something positive from them and hoped you could help us at a critical time as we’d tried other avenues in the past that turned out to be unsuccessful. Your coaching has helped me to stop constantly looking and living in the past and see how things can be better using the techniques given and living in the present. It has improved my relationship and made me feel less stressed in general. I would definitely recommend coaching with Freya, it is essential for any healthy relationship and you learn so much through the process, not only about yourself, it also helps you to learn about your partner which results in having a new perspective of that person that is far deeper that inevitably brings you closer. You feel as though you want to give more, and in return so do they; it’s a win win situation. If you’re thinking about it, I’d just say do it!! She is clear, concise, positive, encouraging, takes no nonsense and is a great teacher and treats you as an individual rather than textbook!
Eli, Brighton

I moved back in

423839_10150717556325289_1732393888_nFreya has changed my life. My partner and I were living apart when we started our sessions, and we both blamed each other for the relationship not working. From the first session it was clear how powerful her techniques are, she left us after every session with a feeling of absolute love towards each other. Her coaching uncovers behaviours and causes that you may not even know about, and she sees things from an entirely different perspective. We’re now a few months down the line and my partner and I have a far stronger relationship. We had tried counselling in the past and it didn’t work, so I was hesitant at first but with each session we learnt new techniques and discovered why things weren’t working between us. Freya has an ability to get to the root of an issue in a way that you will not believe, she offers actual solutions and I cannot recommend her highly enough. (I could go on for hours writing this review!). Absolutely life changing and hugely powerful.
Dean W, Brighton


New energy and business confidence

scI came to see Freya about marketing my services online. She really listened to me and was really intuitive. She made me realise I could approach things from a different perspective and she came up with so many ideas that I hadn’t thought of. I now feel really energised and have a lot more confidence to take on new things. Thanks Freya!

Simon Carter, Designer/Animator

A dedicated coach and trainer

Jo Ellis testimonialFreya is an amazing coach and trainer who gives 1000% to everyone she works with. She really cares and she really knows her stuff. She has a gift of being able to combine compassion, humour and objectivity to get amazing results for her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Freya (and I have very high standards) .
Jo Ellis, Founder Pure Confidence

Helped us understand what we really wanted and needed and how to get it

In the heat of a very serious argument she helped me and my husband to understand what we really wanted and needed and helped us work out the best way for both of us to get those things. If she hadn’t been there it would have taken a lot longer and a lot more heartache to get back on track. I am grateful to have Freya as a guiding influence, she is professional, compassionate and fair, and great at making us laugh !
Marimo French, Owner Beauti-mo

A wonderful way to transform your life

I chose coaching with Freya because I wanted to get the best out of myself, and to be happier too. I now have a much better relationship with myself. If you ever want to improve your life deeply, this is a wonderful way.
Miguel M, Design Engineer,Seville

Wise counsel and a positive outcome

I came to Freya to wanting to address some tricky working relationships. Freya helped me to put together a better strategy for dealing with the situation, enabling what could have been a very stressful situation turn into a real positive. I would definitely recommend Freya, she always offers wise counsel, and brings great maturity and insight to the coaching process.
Helen, Brighton

Now I control stress, it doesn’t control me

I cannot recommend Freya highly enough, I started having some coaching with Freya at a time in my life when I felt very confused and lost as I was experiencing a lot of change and pressure on both the work, financial and relationship sides of my life. Through regular coaching sessions with Freya I was able to understand more clearly who I am and what I want without the fog of the stress getting in the way. I can honestly say since coaching with Freya everything seems so much more in perspective and stress is something I control not that controls me.

Lee.S, Brighton

I Made the leap from Corporate to Freelance

Freya is a wise and creative force of nature and an instinctive coach. She is a brilliant listener, able to quickly get to the heart of the challenge and help drive towards a practical solution. She is great fun to work with and someone you feel is absolutely batting for your team. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on my transition into a freelance career.

Clare Jones, Founder CJA

Excited about the future for the first time in a long time

I first saw Freya for a number of individual sessions, before having couples coaching with my partner for two sessions. As someone who had never tried coaching and was slightly skeptical at what could be achieved, I was blown away. After my first session I felt an incredible lightness, I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day and actually laughed out loud for 5 minutes! Talking to Freya, and dutifully doing the homework she set me, gave me hope and made me excited about the future for the first time in a long time. Be prepared to work though, this is not fluffy counseling. Freya will challenge and question you but always with your best interests at heart, and with kindness and trust. I can not recommend her enough. 

Name With-held, Brighton, Brighton

Need a Boost?

I came to Freya for a boost to getting freelance work going, it gave me the confidence to move forward and was positive, structured and supportive. Need a boost? Go see Freya.

Noelle, life story practitioner, PhD Research Student, Brighton

I’m focused again

Freya is a great listener. Her advice, guidance and encouragement has boosted my confidence and helped me to focus again! Thank you Freya. 

Julie,, Brighton

Fresh Perspectives

Freya is clearly in her element when coaching. She has helped me to develop and grow through encouraging me to look at my life in many different ways. It is unfortunate that so few of us engage with coaching because it has such great potential. Don’t think about it too much – just do it.

Stevie, MBA Student, Brighton

A genuine talent

Freya has a genuine talent for what she does – I can’t recommend her highly enough and I would encourage anyone wanting to change something to call her, thanks for a great experience 

K.Mpaxevanis, Little Jasmine, Brighton

Save time and stress and move forward

Rather than spend hours, days, weeks or even months or years bearing yourself down with how to resolve a situation, it is so much easier to spend a few hours with Freya discussing your issue. In just a few sessions I have been able to move forward from an eleven year relationship into something new and exciting, Freya is fab and I would recommend anyone to see her. 

M.T., Brighton, Brighton