How Freya helped Helen find her inner strength to find new love and build a successful business

Helen H, Co-Owner Tropical Sushi

Before working with Freya…

I was going through a very challenging time in my 14-year relationship. I was really confused. We were trying to fix things, we had tried couples counselling and it didn’t work for us.
I felt desperate.

I knew there were changes happening in me because things I used to tolerate had become intolerable. I was desperate to figure out what was happening and find a way forward. My daughter saw me cry a lot and that was really hard.

The worst thing was being in a relationship where I felt completely unfulfilled. I never felt completely happy. I felt – and I knew – there was more to life than what I was living. I didn’t feel I was living life at its fullest, I wasn’t satisfied with what I was getting, who I was being. I knew that I could give more but I felt unable to. I had put myself in the back seat, we didn’t feel like equals, I felt I was more a part of my ex-husband’s show.
I’m not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t gone to see Freya. Maybe I’d still be going around in circles. More likely, I would have come to the same conclusion (that I needed to do my own thing) but it would have taken a lot longer. I don’t even want to think about it.

Here’s what else I tried...

We tried couples counselling through a well-known organisation but it didn’t really work for us. A friend came over and found me sobbing at home one day and pulled up Freya’s website. I called her immediately. I was at a complete low and my friend’s recommendation was all I needed to get in touch.

How Freya helped...

Through working with her as a couple I got so much more perspective on what I really wanted as an individual. She helped me identify what was really happening She helped unveil stuff that had been covered for way too long. Once we started working on that and what my future could be like, I began to feel much more like a strong adult than a scared confused passenger.

The main result for me is I have recovered my inner strength. I was always a strong person but, when you’re in a long term relationship from a young age, over time I lost that and became so reliant on my relationship that I feel I got lazy and stayed in my comfort zone. Now I feel like I’m back to myself – a strong woman – not following someone else’s dream anymore. Now, I’m back to following my own dreams and being in the place I want to be.

Having Tropical Sushi is one of the best outcomes. After 15 years running a business with my ex-husband, I stepped out of my comfort zone and set up my own business – and it’s doing great.

I’m also now in a relationship with someone who is a true equal. He brings out the best in me, and I’ve learnt that I don’t need to apologise or follow in relationships any more. It’s okay for me to express myself. I know whatever the argument, we can fix it. The greatest benefit is being surrounded by incredible people in my personal and work life. Providing stability and a lovely home environment for my daughter. Feeling good. Doing good business!

If I hadn’t worked with Freya…

I would have gotten here in the end but I would have gone through way more shitty experiences than necessary. Doing this alone would have been doing it the much harder, more complicated, more shitty way.

What it’s like working with Freya...

What I like the most is how down to earth and real she is. I could be completely honest with her. If you’re ready to step into the next level whether it’s personal or professional, I say call her. People need to follow their gut. If you need help, go get it.

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