How Freya helped Ali take control to go freelance and work less hours for more money

Ali Hendry-Ballard, Corporate Trainer, Business Owner, Writer, Comedian

Before working with Freya…

I had been considering going freelance, still within the same sector (trainer and course designer, learning and development), and did not know if it was viable. I needed to earn more in less hours.

I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the time constraints my employer was putting on me, particularly in relation to compromising my childcare. If it kept on this way, 5 or 10 years later I would have been unhappy, depressed, resentful, stressed and still on an income that did not support me and my family.

Here’s what else I tried...

Making endless lists of my finances and working out how much I would need to earn to sustain the quality of life I craved. I even started reading some “Do” self-help books which had little impact.

I heard about Freya through a friend, who had mentioned Freya’s Core Direction one-off coaching session. I found Freya’s approach really suited me. It felt like a mix of coaching, business advice, spirituality and therapy.

Freya seemed the natural choice to help facilitate my transition into the freelance world.

How Freya helped...

Freya helped me set goals, explore blocks, strive for bravery, form an action plan, explore other income streams, and she sends me information and links to relevant publications and events.

My monthly earnings have increased by one third so far. And I have some concrete projects to build that will, in time, generate more income. I am working less hours for more money and am able to fully commit to parenting.

What it’s like working with Freya...

I cannot recommend Freya highly enough. If you want help in making your goals a reality then coaching is the way forward. She will constantly ask you the right questions, dig into important areas that are covered up, and help harness the potential within you.

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