What's It Like Working With Me?

How Freya helped Jack build better relationships and start an award-winning business

How Freya helped Ali take control, go freelance and work less hours for more money

How Freya helped Helen find her inner strength to find new love and build a successful business

How Freya helped Lucy reconnect with herself find happiness, a new relationship, a new home and her dream job

Inspired & Energised

“My Core Direction coaching session with Freya had a huge impact on my thinking and planning for the next chapter of my work life. It was delivered in a relaxed, naturalistic way, leaving me feeling inspired and energised. It also had a longer-term impact, one month later I am still feeling the benefits of having a clear direction to the foreseeable future.”
Corporate Facilitator

It’s given me a clarity which is enabling me to make stronger decisions

“Magical, practical, therapeutic. A way of looking at the past with a positive focus and learning about my identity and identifying the things I did in the past that are important, valuable and key in terms of shaping my own future. It’s given me a new understanding of myself and how I relate to the world (people and events etc), compassion for myself and an appreciation of my uniqueness. It’s given me my own bespoke reminder and guiding principle to come back to. It’s given me a clarity which is enabling me to make stronger decisions - and to know when to hold off on making decisions! I feel more in alignment with my own gut instinct than ever before.” ​

I was at a point in my life where I didn't know where to turn

“I was unsure what to expect but Freya was brilliant at creating a space where I could identify my Core Direction. At a point in my life when I was unsure about which way to turn, this session offered me grounding. The session is like a detective process, exploring past stories and experiences to identify where you feel most yourself. After an abundance of post-it notes, discussions and reflection, my core process was identified! It really resonates with me - creating collective flow. I am now enjoying working for a gender justice movement - hopefully creating a collective flow that challenges the current state of gender justice! Definitely, recommend this process to others.” ​

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