How we can work together

Regardless of why you’ve come for coaching, whether you’re looking to work on your relationships, career, business, health, wealth or any other area of your life, openly discussing your situation thoughts and emotions within a safe space is a powerful way to begin to identify, plan, build momentum and create positive changes.

I offer a multidimensional, flexible and completely tailored approach to coaching. The tools and approach I use will depend on where you are and what you need right now.

I use proven coaching techniques and combine them with a whole range of other tools, and at times I’ll take the lead in areas where I know I can share value and perspective. It’s an incredibly powerful and unusual mix and that’s why the work tends to be faster, deeper and more effective than regular coaching.

It might be that you don’t know how to approach a situation, and we write out a detailed approach then and there. Or it might be that you are feeling scattered and so we get out a flipchart and write up a whole plan in the session. It might be that I can see a clear pattern that I present to you, or share some very direct observations with you, or I can see a situation where I know I can provide mentoring or offer some important learnings gathered from my own life experience and/or professional training.

I developed this much more hands-on approach as a result of working with a lot of people who were at a point where they were low on emotional resources, they were tired of making all the decisions, and keeping all the plates spinning, and they wanted someone to be their second brain, to feel supported by someone else taking the lead in some areas. They also wanted to reach your goals more efficiently and effectively and quickly than if they were doing everything on their own.

I provide an incredible space for people who are ready for change, excited to learn more about themselves and keen to explore the possibilities for their future. If you’re ready to take some action rather than going over the past or the same stories or thoughts again, my coaching is a breath of fresh air.
We will work on any specific challenges, issues or aspirations you bring. We will unlock and enrich your understanding of what lies at the heart of your situation. Be prepared to examine the things that shape your experience of yourself, your world and your relationships.

How It Works

You can start your coaching journey by downloading the ‘Free Flow Frame’ worksheet, which will deepen your understanding of your situation and uncover key areas of focus for our time together.

Next you book in your exploratory call with me. This is so we can get to know each other, explore your situation in more depth and decide whether we would work well together. Our success depends on our connection, so this is a totally key, totally no obligation experience for both of us.

If I feel we can work together (and you agree!) I recommend a coaching plan for you based on your situation (often including the Core Direction process as a starting point).

From there we discuss logistics, book the first session, and I send you an agreement and payment details on the same day.

In our first session, unless we have agreed otherwise, we lay the foundations for your transformation using a powerful diagnostic tool called the Core Direction Process. We explore and uncover your own unique zone of genius and flow (important information for every aspect of your life), and from there, the world begins to change, and the ultimate journey has begun.

As our work continues, we develop a powerful Thinking Partnership. We use the space as a confidential and judgement free container for anything you choose to bring to the sessions. We use the space to birth new plans, readjust existing ones, refine and re-prioritise, explore, uncover and grow. As our partnership progresses, we recommit and re-contract, making sure that what we agree to is realistic, positive, and feels right for both of us.

How To Apply

I’m guessing that, like me, you want to work with people you trust and enjoy spending time with. People who are ready to do good work, are invested in their own success, and understand how powerful the effect of a positive relationship can be.

My availability for 1-1 work is very limited, and being a good fit is the key to both of us having a brilliant experience, so I’ve developed a simple application process to make sure we are on the same page from the start.

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