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September Insights

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The September Insights for Impact is out - with musings on #partnership, #confidence and #comparison. Best enjoyed on a sunny and spacious park bench, with a beverage of your choice. Enjoy!

True partnerships.

When it comes to partnership, honesty with yourself is the best policy.

Look for the people who are emotionally available. Who is able to accept and validate you with minimal projection. Who are as willing to own their "stuff" as they are to challenge your narratives from a place of kindness and curiosity. Who are open to having the difficult conversations, and the boring but important ones. Who can hold space for you, themselves, and the issue at the same time. Who are compassionate without colluding. Who can zoom in and out. Who have faith in the unfolding nature of life, and trust you and themselves to always be doing their best.

The trouble with "someone has it worse"...

If we dismiss our own personal lived experience, we are forgetting that we are human too and every human is deserving of love and kindness. Yes, there are terrible things happening to people every day. Comparing our situation to others can tune us into gratitude and positive action, but if the intention of that comparison is to shame ourselves into suppressing our own pain, then we risk losing perspective. How we talk to ourselves is a powerful thing. As Buddha said - Your compassion is not complete if it does not include yourself. Someone else having a rough time does not mean you aren't. We all deserve love.

Confidence, a reminder...

So many people mistake confidence for competence, or certainty instead of self-trust.

Confidence is not:

"they will like me" (certainty) or

"I will be brilliant (competence)

Confidence is:

"I will be fine if they don't like me" (self trust) or

"I can/will learn what I don't already know" (self trust/growth mindset).

P.S...Here are three more ways you can experience my work...

1 - Tailored Resources - simply let me know via email what you are working through and I will send you some helpful pointers and materials

2 - Half day Deep dive - four hours of deeply focused time working through whatever it is you want to bring

3 - Full day immersion - this is a sacred time for magical unfolding, where we get to explore whatever emerges with no limit on where the time takes us

I love to connect - please do leave a comment or share with someone you think this might benefit.

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