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November Insights

This month has been a challenge for many for many reasons, not least the ongoing conflict in Gaza. My hope is that these insights are varied enough to provide some different perspectives and energies during this dark time. Just as violence will never provide an aligned and compassionate outcome, staying stuck in our mental tracks will never allow us expansion and growth.

Insight 1: "Despair keeps me alive to the fact we are our own answer. It cannot be devolved to others. And therein lies my hopefulness." - Charmaine Roche

When we attempt to give others our responsibility, our power to give answers and take actions, we also give them our hope to hold.

If we can own the creation of our own questions and our own answers, if we can take responsibility for and hold our own hope - we can give others the chance to do the same.

We can show them the possibility of this way of being. Therein lies my hopefulness.

Insight 2: "In humans, variability is a feature, not a bug." - Adam Grant

Humans are so focused on certainty that we easily forget that the absence of certainty does not only mean risk - it also means the presence of potential. Movement. Possibility.

Fluidity, flexibility, and variability are such freeing features!

What does looking at things through that lens do to how you have been perceiving the world?

Insight 3: "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou

Creativity is an infinite source from an infinite source. It is not a task, or something that can be used up, it is a way of being. It is in essence a sense of play.

If you feel you have lost your mojo, then rather than something having gone missing, the likelihood is something is blocking your flow. Very often this is caused by too much of something (overwhelm) or not enough of something (energy/resources).

If you are feeling blocked, the first place to look is your nervous system. Are you feeling resilient/flexible?Or are you in some part in a state of flight, fight, freeze or fawn? If yes - is this due to a current environment issue or a past event issue, or both? Addressing the block will bring back the flow.

Insight 4: "The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others." - Carl Jung

Projection has so much to answer for. Today in our western culture we are striving for a level of individualism that is impossible and unhealthy. Community is what we need. By attempting to be/do/have everything alone, and isolating ourselves, we cut off the true mirror that community brings and end up projecting our shadows onto others at a much greater rate.

P.S...Here are three more ways you can experience my work...

1 - Tailored Resources - simply let me know via email what you are working through and I will send you some helpful pointers and materials

2 - Half day Deep dive - four hours of deeply focused time working through whatever it is you want to bring

3 - Full day immersion - this is a sacred time for magical unfolding, where we get to explore whatever emerges with no limit on where the time takes us

I love to connect - please do leave a comment or share with someone you think this might benefit.

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