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May Insights

Updated: Jun 5

"Shining a light into our unexplored corners, regardless of our discomfort, is the ultimate form of action. It frees us from the fear of fear" - Freya Blom

Jung said - "You don't become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by entering the darkness where it begins." It has been my experience that our willingness to have difficult and honest conversations is both the most challenging and the fastest path to growth. Honesty does not need to mean brutality. If we can be open to hearing what might be painful, we can truly connect.

The importance of observing and understanding your motivations …

If there is something you wish to change, understanding the motivation behind the desire to change is critical to success.

It is this understanding of our own ‘why’ that has the power to both get us started and keep us going. Or indeed on occasion, it may uncover an entirely different desire or goal.

"What else have we got but acts of love" - Freya Blom

We can use love to swing things in other directions… we can shape and form and explore things through the eyes and the energy of love. Next time you feel confronted with a puzzle or a hurt, as yourself - what would love say? What would love do? The answers may surprise you...

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