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June Insights

Being afraid of things going wrong isn't the way to make things go right. - Freya Blom

It seems obvious when we read this, but the well intentioned (and often misguided) meaning making machines of our minds can all too easily confuse fearing and worrying with action taking.

"If we opened people up, we'd find landscapes." - Agnes Varda

To believe we are a single entity, would mean we were unable to experience inner conflict - and inner conflict is something every human encounters at some point, even if it’s just trying to decide which ice cream flavour to pick. The idea that we are somehow separate from anything and anyone else, the idea that our bodies and minds are not porous, flexible, malleable, is both restrictive and dangerous. It creates the potential for polarisation rather than integration.

"Trauma in a person decontextualized over time, looks like personality. Trauma in a family decontextualized over time, looks like family traits. Trauma in a people decontextualized over time looks like culture" - Resmaa Menakem

What if rather than accept cultural norms as standard facts, we looked at the context within which they were born and have grown since...A response to trauma is not a character trait, it is a protective mechanism. Once we add context to any behaviour, we are better able to hold compassion and understanding and breed new perspectives, leading to us making fairer assessments and better choices.

P.S...Here are three more ways you can experience my work... 1 - Tailored Resources - simply let me know via email what you are working through and I will send you some helpful pointers and materials

2 - Half day Deep dive - four hours of deeply focused time working through whatever it is you want to bring 3 - Full day immersion - this is a sacred time for magical unfolding, where we get to explore whatever emerges with no limit on where the time takes us

I love to connect - please do leave a comment or share with someone you think this might benefit.

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