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February Insights

Updated: Jun 5

1. Happy Birthday to Me...

This January marked my 45th Birthday. Despite what the media might want me to think of myself "ageing", I feel incredibly privileged to be enjoying an ever deeper, richer, more connected experience of life. My contentment is like a warm blanket around me as I sit in the garden watching the birds in the sunshine. I am so keenly aware of how little we really know, how complex and simple everything is, and how much there is still to taste.

2. You are the only one who will ever live your life.

I shared these words online recently - and it turns out they resonated with a lot of people...

"There comes a time when one kind of pain outweighs the other and we are forced to put our own life first"

If you are someone who has been brought up to spend much of your life putting everything (and everyone) else first, it is hard to know when it is appropriate, and when it is conditioning. If we explore our life as it is today, we will find the results of our conditioning, our privilege (or lack of) and our unique preferences. If we look around and we cannot easily see our "self" threaded through the picture, a deep grief can appear, and the world we had assumed we had created come into question.

This disorienting experience is painful, and yet it is also what allows us to take in our scenery with fresh eyes, and identify paths that lead somewhere important to our self, rather than our conditioning.

Whether it is a life review, or a working relationship, the willingness to get uncomfortable is key. Where are you choosing to look away? Where are you avoiding the hard conversations? What riches might come of taking action? Where are you ignoring the fact that only you will ever live your own life?

3. School is Everywhere

A gentle reminder that should we desire to attend, School is everywhere.

What a blessing.

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