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She immediately got to the core of major challenges

Freya is an absolutely incredible Coach. She immediately got to the core of major challenges and helped me to identify blocks and beliefs that obstructed my capacity to make decisions and take action. She signposts to clear strategies on how to navigate life in a way that leaves you feeling authentic and empowered. Living from the inside out, rather than spinning out because of what is going on around you! I love the way Freya coaches

Victoria, Brighton

Introducing The Free Flow Frame

While coaching might start off with a specific situation, goal or area for exploration, because you are a whole person with your own unique ecosystem, the coaching experience will invariably end up connecting to every part of your life in some way. My framework focuses on your level of self-awareness, which is the key to accessing a better understanding of all of the different areas of your life.

When our life feels out of our control, when we are over (or under!) whelmed or when something is blocking or draining us, it is usually because we are out of balance in one or more of our flow zones. By focusing on the parts of your life that may be unseen, neglected, suppressed, or pushed back, it is possible to restore balance. Whether you acted intentionally, or life happened and got in the way, the best time to make a change is now.

My Free Flow Frame Approach focuses on six Flow Zones:







Ideally, we have a good handle on where we are in each of the Flow Zones and make conscious choices about how we are living, but …in reality, that doesn’t always happen.

How It Works

Right at the start of our journey together, we assess where you are within each of the Flow Zones. On a scale between 1 and 10, you rate your present situation.

When you’re in Flow, everything feels easy. There is no resistance and life is good. When you’re out of Flow, the opposite happens. Everything is a struggle. Everything feels difficult and sticky. Life is overwhelming. Life will never be entirely pain free, but if you work with flow rather than being buffeted around by a lack of it, your experience will be alot more pleasant. 

To understand Flow, we need to understand that flow is the intersection between Discipline and Surrender

If there is too much rigidity and discipline and no surrender in your life, you are likely to find yourself either emotionally disconnected, or struggling to make things work because your surrender keeps sneaking into the space where your discipline should be.

If you’re all surrender and no discipline, it’s likely you will feel ungrounded and scattered, and find it hard to make sense of things. You might feel overwhelmed and unable to bring the chaos under control. Your discipline side will pop up at the wrong moments and berate you, leaving you feeling guilty or anxious that you are not getting things done.

Whichever side is unbalanced, you will end up feeling unproductive or overwhelmed (or both) and likely frustrated or low on confidence (or both)

But guess what – it doesn’t have to be this way!

Here’s what other people have said about working with me…
“Freya’s gentle but effective approach has totally dispersed the smothering fog; letting in the air and light that I have been struggling for - after decades of living with an inner vortex of muddled thinking, disorganisation, confused direction and suffocating fear. By careful deconstruction of the personal beliefs and damaging self-image that is built over years of exposure to life’s everyday experiences, Freya has helped me to break down my barriers and has handed me the reins to an open road. With a renewed sense of empowerment and a clear head and heart, I’m finally feeling really positive about my future! I can’t thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone who wants to literally ‘change’ their life…”
A.C Brighton
Brighton, UK

So how do you want to live every day?

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