The Core Direction Process

The Core Direction process allows us to discover your unique talent and purpose and turn it into a powerful two-word guiding principle which you can use everyday to remind you of what needs to happen for you to be in peak flow. This guiding principle is totally personal and unique, and incredibly powerful. You can use it help you make decisions that are in true alignment with who you are and what you do so well at your core.

“When we’re in peak flow, we feel energised and present and fully absorbed in what we’re doing. Things are enjoyable and there is no internal resistance”

We have been taught to compare ourselves to others in society for so long, yet each one of us is born with a unique talent and purpose that give us the power to make a contribution and have a positive impact in and on the world.
There is something that you do that comes to you naturally to you. It is incredibly meaningful to you, and it both releases and generates great things, like energy, joy and success.
When you discover what this thing that you do is, you gain an incredible tool for realising your potential every day.
Imagine having a personal guiding principle from which decisions and actions and alignment can flow. A principle that can support you in navigating life, understanding how to approach different situations, deal with decision making, and determine why things aren’t flowing.
When we feel out of flow or if something is not going as well as it could, our Core direction can bring us to awareness around why this is the case and what action to take.
The Core Direction process is the powerful half-day journey to discover this guiding principle, which is often expressed in two simple words. You will share some experiences, reflect and answer some specific questions.
I will witness the unveiling of these essential truths about how and why you operate at your very best. Together we will reconnect you to what brings you joy and success and deepen the learning by distilling our findings down to two words that symbolise and define your Core Direction.

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