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Strengthen Organisational Relationships & Embed Purpose with my Core Direction process

There are several ways I work with businesses. The most popular method is running a Core Direction workshop, bringing teams together to understand each other and their purpose which provides a really bonding and positive experience as well as generating an incredibly useful tool!

Ready to get your team working better, together?

A really strong bonding experience for the team

“With expert questioning and sensitive handing, Freya supported us to get clear on our Core Direction. The session was inspirational and extremely positive and provided a really strong bonding experience for the senior management team. Freya provided guidance on how to integrate our Core Direction into clear next steps, and how it can be used to keep us on track towards our future vision.”
Melanie Hickmore

Get out of your own way!

Banish busy mode and loneliness and super-charge your performance with a 1-1 Thinking Partnership

When you’re running your own business, it is really easy to get stuck in busy mode. Having an objective thinking partner, someone to bounce ideas around with, someone to let off steam to and someone to ask important questions and who is passionate about generating solutions can make an invaluable difference to how work feels and how your business performs. I can support you to map, prioritise, manage working relationships, embed and communicate purpose. I can get things clear, challenge your thinking, bring fresh perspectives and ideas, and so much more. Are you ready to explore the difference a Thinking Partnership could make to your business?


With over 15 years of facilitation experience, Freya understands how to engage, entertain, inspire and empower her audience. From practical and energising vision board workshops, to talks on topics like Working Relationships, Confidence and Returning to work, Freya could be the ideal speaker at your next event, seminar, or conference

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