A couple of weeks ago on a walk in the park I threw the ball for my dog (Dave). He caught it, noticed another ball lying nearby, and ran over to it. Dropping his ball, he picked the other one up, but then realised his own ball was on the ground, so he dropped the other ball to pick his back up…all of a sudden, the joy of running, the thrill of the mid-air catch, was lost. He couldn’t leave the spot in case he left one of the balls behind for another dog to take.  He was stuck. His desire to have both of the balls to himself, to not let them be taken by another dog, meant that he could not do what he had set out to do (fetch his ball) or do what he enjoyed (running and catching)

2013-08-04 14.52.38I realised this happens a lot in business. We get so distracted by ownership, paranoid about “the competition” – that they might come and take something from us – that we spend a lot of time worrying and protecting, when our focus and energy could be much better directed. What if, instead of focusing on potential loss, we concentrate on taking the actions which we know we need to take, and doing work that we enjoy? How much more could we achieve?

My biggest learning from watching Dave was this; Appreciate what you already have instead of chasing after things that will keep you stuck. Life is too short and too precious to be wasted trying to accumulate things that you can never truly appreciate. Keep moving, stay focused on your goal, and remember to enjoy the process. All easier said than done yes, but your business, your stress levels, your outlook, your energy levels, and everyone around you, will thank you for it.

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