For Couples

Do you have an itch? Are you facing an ultimatum? Are you finally ready to work on something that’s been bothering you for a long time? Maybe you want an injection of  passion, or the courage to make changes or decisions that right now seem too difficult or overwhelming to make…

Relationships that are not working are a huge source of pain, unhappiness, and even loneliness, for many people. Often these feelings are buried under yet more emotions, from boredom to confusion to anger.

Unhappy relationships can carry other heavy costs too, from financial impacts (divorce alone can claim many thousands of pounds), to fundamental impacts on family and friendships.

With so much at stake, not least the happiness and quality of life of both partners, getting to the heart of the matter is key to making a change.

Whatever your situation, here’s what I can help you with:

  • Understanding where your blocks are and how to get around them
  • Getting clear on what you are really looking for in and from a relationship
  • Confidence in yourself, and in approaching different situations
  • Attracting good people, health and energy into your life
  • Making relationships work and grow
  • Making big decisions about your future as a couple or an individual.

And here are just some of the benefits:

  • A better relationship with yourself and your partner
  • A more harmonious relationship with friends and/or family
  • Greater levels of intimacy and sexual confidence
  • Practical parenting strategies
  • Better communication
  • More trust
  • More affection
  • More interest and energy for each other
  • Better connection.

Alongside regular coaching sessions, for those looking to work more quickly I also offer half day intensive kick start sessions (prices are available on application)

Contact me now and book a 30 minute discussion about how we can make things happen for you today.

423839_10150717556325289_1732393888_nFreya has changed my life. My partner and I were living apart when we started our sessions, and we both blamed each other for the relationship not working. From the first session it was clear how powerful her techniques are, she left us after every session with a feeling of absolute love towards each other. Her coaching uncovers behaviours and causes that you may not even know about, and she sees things from an entirely different perspective. We’re now a few months down the line and my partner and I have a far stronger relationship. We had tried counselling in the past and it didn’t work, so I was hesitant at first but with each session we learnt new techniques and discovered why things weren’t working between us. Freya has an ability to get to the root of an issue in a way that you will not believe, she offers actual solutions and I cannot recommend her highly enough. (I could go on for hours writing this review!). Absolutely life changing and hugely powerful.
Dean W, Brighton
I was hoping to solve some relationship problems I was having with my partner. Everyday I felt I was faced with problems that were out of my control and I was experiencing a sense of helplessness. I saw some of your ideas and work through Facebook and took something positive from them and hoped you could help us at a critical time as we’d tried other avenues in the past that turned out to be unsuccessful. Your coaching has helped me to stop constantly looking and living in the past and see how things can be better using the techniques given and living in the present. It has improved my relationship and made me feel less stressed in general. I would definitely recommend coaching with Freya, it is essential for any healthy relationship and you learn so much through the process, not only about yourself, it also helps you to learn about your partner which results in having a new perspective of that person that is far deeper that inevitably brings you closer. You feel as though you want to give more, and in return so do they; it’s a win win situation. If you’re thinking about it, I’d just say do it!! She is clear, concise, positive, encouraging, takes no nonsense and is a great teacher and treats you as an individual rather than textbook!
Eli, Brighton
In the heat of a very serious argument she helped me and my husband to understand what we really wanted and needed and helped us work out the best way for both of us to get those things. If she hadn’t been there it would have taken a lot longer and a lot more heartache to get back on track. I am grateful to have Freya as a guiding influence, she is professional, compassionate and fair, and great at making us laugh !
Marimo French, Owner Beauti-mo
I first saw Freya for a number of individual sessions, before having couples coaching with my partner for two sessions. As someone who had never tried coaching and was slightly skeptical at what could be achieved, I was blown away. After my first session I felt an incredible lightness, I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day and actually laughed out loud for 5 minutes! Talking to Freya, and dutifully doing the homework she set me, gave me hope and made me excited about the future for the first time in a long time. Be prepared to work though, this is not fluffy counseling. Freya will challenge and question you but always with your best interests at heart, and with kindness and trust. I can not recommend her enough. 
Name With-held, Brighton, Brighton