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The three reasons you’re not getting recognition at work, and what to do about it

Question: Hi, I’m fed up of bosses who take compliant/rule abiding employees for granted…any tips on how to get some recognition?

Thank-you for this excellent question. It’s a very well-known and accepted fact that recognition is absolutely key to employee engagement (just google the subject and you’ll find all the statistics you need!) so rather […]

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How running your own business can be like a walk in the park (and what to do about it)

A couple of weeks ago on a walk in the park I threw the ball for my dog (Dave). He caught it, noticed another ball lying nearby, and ran over to it. Dropping his ball, he picked the other one up, but then realised his own ball was on the ground, so he dropped […]

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New Baby? How to survive, thrive, and avoid the divide, for couples who are new to parenting

I vividly remember the panic, joy, lows, highs and general confusion of being a new mum. It’s a challenging time all round and the one thing that can make the difference between heaven or hell is your relationship with your partner. As a relationships coach I have the privilege of working with couples and […]

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